Feeling Great With New Clothes

Did Your Move To A New City Require Downsizing Your Closet? 3 Tips To Replenish Your Wardrobe With The Latest Urban Styles

Big moves sometimes require major sacrifices, and you might've found yourself cringing as you gave away your favorite pieces from your old wardrobe. However, there is an upside to having to downsize since you now have the perfect excuse to do a little shopping to replenish what you have lost. Once you settle in to your new home, use these tips to fill your closet with the latest urban clothing styles that make you stand out in a crowd. Read More 

Give Christmas Gifts That Benefit Third World Country Artisans

Have you ever considered that we live in a country where we have so-called problems that people in a third-world country would beg for? For example, do you ever come home from the grocery store and ask yourself a question like, â€‹Where in the world am I going to put all of this food? Don't be hard on yourself, feeling guilty for all that you have. Instead, wouldn't it be wonderful to know that, as you shop for Christmas gifts, you are actually helping artisans in third-world countries, artisans who create beautiful hand-made items? Read More 

Choosing The Best Western Boots: Three Tips For Success

Western boots can be fun to wear not only to line dances and country parties, but also as a part of your everyday attire. However, there's a seemingly endless selection of western boot styles these days, and narrowing it down to the options that are best for you is not always easy. Here are three tips to help you out! Start by choosing toe shape. If you start by deciding what toe shape you want in a boot, you will instantly narrow your options considerably. Read More 

Four Tips To Upgrade Your Wardrobe When You’ll Be Spending More Time Outdoors

Maybe you just got a job that requires you to spend more time outside, or perhaps you've adopted a hobby that involves outdoor activities. In either case, you're going to need to update your wardrobe to match your changing lifestyle. From sunshine to chilly wind, exposure to the elements can be tough on your body if you don't have the right clothing. Here are four tips for updating your wardrobe for a more outdoorsy lifestyle. Read More 

How To Use Senior Class Shirts In A Variety Of Ways

Can you believe that you are going to be a senior this year? If you are already planning your wardrobe, you have probably planned to buy a senior class shirt. After all, that shows school spirit and it lets everybody know which school you attend, so why wouldn't you guy a senior class shirt? In fact, you might want to buy more than one so that you'll have an extra while the other one is in the laundry. Read More