Give Christmas Gifts That Benefit Third World Country Artisans

Have you ever considered that we live in a country where we have so-called problems that people in a third-world country would beg for? For example, do you ever come home from the grocery store and ask yourself a question like, ​Where in the world am I going to put all of this food? Don't be hard on yourself, feeling guilty for all that you have. Instead, wouldn't it be wonderful to know that, as you shop for Christmas gifts, you are actually helping artisans in third-world countries, artisans who create beautiful hand-made items? From making a list of those who will receive your gifts to shopping for handmade jewelry, pottery and hemp bags, here are some ideas that will help you to give Christmas gifts that benefit third-world country artisans.

Do Some Research - When you are making a list of those who will be receiving Christmas gifts from you, be thinking about handmade gifts that they would love to receive. Go to stores that carry items that are handmade in third-world countries, and find out if part of the proceeds of each sale will go to the artisans, even if it is through an organization that is focused on helping them. Also, check out catalogues that picture the very things for which you are searching. Again, study the catalogue to see if the artisans will benefit from orders that you place. Of course, you'll also be able to check online, too. The key is to make sure that the artisans are the ones who will be blessed by the purchases you make.

What To Buy - The fun part is where you get to select wonderful items that individuals have made, using their talents to bring unique gifts to those you love. Think about purchasing things like pottery from Mexico, brass from India, and hand-carved wooden animals from Africa. Have you ever seen handmade hemp bags? They're so unique and beautiful that you might have trouble making your selections. They'll benefit artisans from places like Nepal, Columbia, Thailand and Bali. The great thing about purchasing handmade hemp bags is that you'll find styles that are made for men, women, teenagers and even little children.

When you give the handmade gifts from third-world countries, be sure to include a message with each gift that explains your desire to please the recipient of the gift with a unique present, and to also serve less fortunate individuals. You might start a new trend where those on your list will shop in the same way you did.

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