Choosing The Best Western Boots: Three Tips For Success

Western boots can be fun to wear not only to line dances and country parties, but also as a part of your everyday attire. However, there's a seemingly endless selection of western boot styles these days, and narrowing it down to the options that are best for you is not always easy. Here are three tips to help you out!

Start by choosing toe shape.

If you start by deciding what toe shape you want in a boot, you will instantly narrow your options considerably. There are four main types of toes seen in western boots: classic tapered, rounded, pointed, and square. Classic rounded boots are a good all-purpose choice if you will be wearing your boots both for work and for play. Pointed-toe boots are more popular as a fashionable choice and will look in-place at a line dance, though a little odd on an actual farm. Square toes are good for boots you plan to do work in, since the squared toe makes walking on rough terrain easier. And rounded toes are very comfortable and a good choice if you want to wear your boots around town. Of course, there's a huge matter of personal preference to consider here, too. Look at a bunch of boots and decide which toe style suits you so you can then focus your search on that style.

Opt for a snug fit.

The way boots fit when you first try them on will not be the way they continue to fit for very long. If you buy boots that have a little wiggle room when your first try them on, they will soon become too big when the leather stretches. Rather, you want your boots to feel a bit snug when you try them on. They should not move around in the heel at all, and you should feel the boot in contact with the side of your foot all of the way down it's length. If a boot is uncomfortable, it is too small, but if it feels just a tiny bit too snug, it's the proper size.

Look for good construction.

Especially if you are going to be wearing your western boots outside and in the elements, you must make sure they are made to last. Look for boots made from thick leather, rather than from faux leather. Look closely at the sole, in particular. If it is made from leather and stitched into the boot, rather than glued on, this is a sign that it is of good quality.