Top 4 Reasons To Invest In Quality Shapewear

All women want to look their best when they are dressing up for a night on the town with friends, attending a wedding, or going out for a romantic dinner with their significant other. Unfortunately, your favorite clothing may not always look as flattering as it could if you're bloated or working to lose a few pounds. Luckily, shapewear is a simple solution that is affordable and can make you feel great. Read More 

Why So Many Articles Of Women’s Clothing Seem To Lack Pockets

You must have noticed that pockets on womens clothing are something of a rarity. While many women have clamored for pockets on their clothing, it seems many manufacturers have only just started to listen. Here's a look at why a lot of women's garments lack pockets. Where are All the Pockets? You may come across many reasons, or excuses, for the overall lack of pockets on women's garments. You may wonder what's the reason for those odd decorative pockets that serve no function. Read More 

Five Summer Wedding Tips For The Groom

When it comes to styling the groom for the big day, it's often an overlooked topic since the main focus is the bride. However, when the groom is looking good, the bride is looking even better, so it's definitely important to take some serious consideration when it comes to the style of the groom. A good style for the groom is going to vary depending on the season. Here are five summer wedding styling tips for the groom to consider: Read More 

How To Put Together An Eye-Catching Outfit

Putting together an eye-catching outfit is within anyone's reach. Whether you rock a thrift store or buy women's boutique tops online, you'll find yourself plenty of clothing options that will help you put together a truly impressive outfit. The first step to putting together an excellent outfit is to organize your clothing appropriately. The goal isn't to simply put together a single outfit, but to be capable of putting together an outstanding outfit regularly. Read More 

Tips For Choosing Show Clothes For Your First Esquestrain Competition

Are you getting ready for your first equestrian competition? You'll want to look sharp, but you'll also want to avoid stepping on figurative toes with your choices. The styles for equestrian show clothes have increased greatly in the past few years as different fabrics and fitting shortcuts have led to a wealth of choices (and confusion). For your first show, you want something presentable and practical. Stick With Technical and Tailored Read More