Finding A Leotard That Fits

Many young girls enjoy participating in dance classes. These classes can teach balance, coordination, and important social skills, but they require participants to wear specialized leotards. Leotards are made from stretchy fabric that will not impede movement while dancing.

Finding a leotard that fits correctly can be challenging, but there are some simple things parents can look for to ensure their child will be covered and comfortable during future dance classes. Here are three tips that you can use to find the perfect leotard for your child.

1. Check the fit.

Whenever you are ordering a custom-made leotard or a leotard from an online vendor, it's important that you carefully consider the fit that will best suit your child's body.

Some children feel comfortable in bodysuit-style leotards, while others prefer a leotard with longer shorts to provide additional coverage. The style of the leotard can have a significant effect on the fit, so you need to know your child's exact measurements in order to purchase the right leotard in any style.

2. Look for darts.

Ideally, a dance leotard should fit like a second skin. Having a close-fitting garment that moves and stretches with the body ensures that young dancers can learn to perfect basic movements with ease.

If you are looking for a leotard with a secure, yet flexible fit, then look for a garment with darts. Adding darts to the front, back, and side will allow the leotard to provide some give in areas where the body naturally curves while still remaining snug against the skin.

3. Look for quality fabric.

If you want your child's dance leotards to fit correctly, it's essential that these garments are constructed using quality fabric. Although cotton blends can have some stretch to them, they often lose their ability to return to their original shape after being worn. This can cause a cotton-blend leotard to become loose and baggy over time.

Leotards made from lycra or spandex will provide a significant amount of stretch while retaining the ability to bounce back to their original shape once the leotard has been removed. Lycra or spandex leotards will be able to withstand repeated use, allowing your child to utilize the same leotards throughout the dance season.

Finding leotards that fit properly can be challenging. By taking the time to know your child's measurements, look for leotards with darts, and invest in leotards made from lycra or spandex materials, you can give your child access to dance garments that look and feel good over time.