Tips To Keep Toddlers Toasty When The Weather Cools

Winter is coming. If you have toddlers or young children, you know that it can be tough to dress them for colder weather, particularly if they wriggle and wrangle out of their outerwear. Try these tips to keep your toddler toasty during chilly weather.

Look for Wool

Nothing keeps kids and adults warmer than wool. Cashmere is a type of wool that is soft and luxurious. It is made from the hair of a certain type of Asian goat, and the cashmere wool produced lasts nearly forever with proper care. It makes the perfect fabric for light layers and cold-weather gear that will keep the chill out. Look for quality autumn cashmere kids ski sweaters that will be wardrobe staples all season long. Plus, your child will love the feel of this fantastic textile.  

Dress in Layers

Speaking of layers, it makes the most sense to dress children in light layers. Kids tend to take off layers at will, so make sure they have warm, dry base layers and additional middle and top layers so they stay warm. Light, comfortable layers are also recommended for kids on long car rides during wintry weather instead of bulky coats or snowsuits.  

Focus on Feet

If your child's feet get cold or wet, it won't matter what else they are wearing. Make sure that this does not happen by dressing kids in well-fitting wool socks and waterproof shoes or boots. Wool still insulates when it becomes damp or wet, unlike cotton. Do not dress toddlers in cotton socks when they are going to be playing outdoors in cold or wet weather.  

Keep them Dry

Keep kids comfortable and cozy with proper gloves or mittens when the temperatures take a dip. Little hands can get cold quickly when playing outdoors; make sure to prepare your child with waterproof mittens or gloves. Skip the hand-knit mittens; instead, choose waterproof styles that will keep their hands dry. 

Additionally, look at the cuff of the mitten or glove to make sure it provides ample coverage of the wrist so that it will meet the cuff of your child's jacket or coat. Make sure the child can easily put on and remove their mittens or gloves.  

Got small children? Use these tips to ensure they stay toasty this fall and winter. Use these tips and shop online to find foul-weather gear and winter apparel for your toddler that will keep them cozy and comfortable when the temperatures drop.