Five Ways For A Guy To Dress-Up A Simple Cotton Tee

If you want to get more wear from your wardrobe or simply have a few additional options when you get dressed, consider adding some quality cotton tee shirts to your closet. Don't underestimate the power of a quality tee shirt; it can be styled and layered in a number of ways, from weekend casual to dressy office appropriate. Wondering how to make a comfy cotton tee work at the office?

Five ways for guys to dress-up a simple cotton tee-shirt are:

1. With a Jacket, No Tie

Skip the shirt and tie under your favorite jacket and wear a comfy tee instead. Instead of a necktie, choose a pocket square for a bit of pizzazz and pop of color. In fact, bamboo or silk tees can be quite a luxurious pairing with a suit or jacket.

2. Underneath Your Cashmere

Layer your favorite cashmere sweater with a simple tee shirt for a classic look that is perfect for the office or club. The luxury of cashmere enhances anything that you wear it with — including a great tee shirt.

3. Paired with a Men's Vest

Instead of a collared shirt, wear a men's vest with a quality tee. The look is business-casual and trendy, perfect with dress slacks or jeans; add driving moccasins for a weekend look or dress shoes for a workday.

4. Simply with High-End Accessories

Replace a dress shirt with a crisp, clean cotton tee and accessorize. That is, wear jewelry, a great belt, high-end shoes, and even a luxury bag to elevate the simplicity of a well-made tee shirt.

5. Worn with Crisp Belted Slacks

Who says you can't dress up a tee-shirt? Pair a quality, brushed cotton tee shirt with a pair of crisp, canvas khakis or twill slacks, and a belt for an office-appropriate look. Choose tees that are made of soft, natural fabrics like cotton and bamboo, and choose a fit that is flowy and that can be belted for a pulled-together appearance.

Choose simple styles of tees, without pockets or embellishments, for the most wearability. Also, go with a looser style than you might normally buy to increase options for wear, including making it more appropriate for work settings.

Want to enhance your wardrobe? Invest in foundation pieces that are very versatile, like simple cotton tees. Use these tips to style your comfy tee-shirts in ways that work for dressier settings beyond your favorite casual looks.

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