Are You Creating a Baseball League for Your Company? 3 Tips to Make the Uniforms a Hit

A baseball league gives your employees the opportunity to regularly engage in a team-building activity. You can also use your company's baseball league to generate a positive reputation in the community by playing at charity events and by posting pictures of all the fun your teams have on social media. Once you begin putting the teams together, your next step is to make it official with uniforms that your group can wear during their competitions. As you prepare to pick out the apparel, you can use these tips to work with a custom team logo apparel supply company to develop a uniform that everyone will love.

Encourage Team Branding

Whether you have teams that are all working in the same corporate headquarters or have developed teams from a mix of local offices, you want each team to feel important. Encourage your teams to come up with their preferred name and colors so that you can use them on the custom team logo apparel. Make sure to remind them to keep it in line with the brand but also have fun. Just coming up with their team's branding is great for building rapport within the groups. Once everyone sends their preferences for your approval, make sure that they are not too similar. Ideally, each team should be easily differentiated from the other when they are playing ball.

Include the Company Logo

While you want each team to stand out on their own, you should ensure that the uniforms serve to emphasize your company's overall goals. Branded screen printing makes it possible to include the company logo on the uniform in a way that gets noticed. By including the company logo, you can enjoy watching as the teams all share a common purpose every time they hit the playing field, and that makes your company look great in the public eye.

Choose the Right Style

When it comes to baseball uniforms, you can typically choose from several styles. The classic jersey style is always a favorite, and it works great if your company culture veers toward highly professional. You can also work with a branded screen printing company to develop t-shirts for your teams that all have a certain special style. If you opt for baseball tees, then consider how your team may wear them outside of their games. For instance, these can also look great at trade shows and other corporate events to create a cohesive look among your staff.

For more ideas and inspiration, contact a custom team logo apparel supply company.