Three Ways To Use Spandex Fabric In A Young Girl’s Bedroom

If you have a young daughter and you're looking to add some sparkle to her bedroom decor, one of the fabrics that you can use is cotton spandex fabric. As long as you have some aptitude with sewing and crafty home projects, you can turn a roll of this fabric into something that will elevate the visual appeal of her space and definitely help to make it a fun hangout place for her friends from the neighborhood. Here are three creative ways that you can use this eye-catching fabric in your daughter's bedroom.

For Curtains

There's absolutely nothing wrong with buying curtains from the bedroom section of your local home furnishings store, but if you have the skill, you can make them yourself. Cotton spandex fabric is a perfect type of material for this purpose, and you shouldn't have any trouble choosing a fabric that will appeal to your daughter. For example, if she's interested in mermaids, a cotton fabric that has a mermaid tail pattern can be appealing. If she's into magic, there are all sorts of patterns that you'll find that will be appropriate visually.

For A Door Drape

Some people hang strings of beads over their doors to provide some degree of privacy, but mainly to create a funky vibe for those who enter the space. You can take a similar approach with a section of cotton spandex fabric, cutting it to size, hemming it, and hanging it from a small curtain rod mounted above your daughter's bedroom door. There's little question that your daughter will have fun gracefully gliding through the fabric while she enters or exits the room. You may also want to mount a hook beside the door to which your daughter can hook the bottom of the fabric to pull it up out of the way.

For A Bed Canopy

Young girls often love bed canopies, and cotton spandex fabric can be a perfect material for this job. There are several different ways to tackle this project, but a common one is to hang the fabric from a circular mount that you install on the ceiling above the bed. For this use, you may want to choose fabric that is partly transparent. This way, it will allow some light to flow through it, preventing your daughter from finding that her bed simply appears too dark when she's under the canopy and getting frightened as a result.