3 Tips For Dressing Up Your Cowgirl Boots

Cowgirl boots never really go out of style. Cowgirl boots have been in style for years, and they don't look like they are going anywhere anytime soon. You can dress up and style your cowgirl boots with all different types of outfits.

1. Go for Some Animal Print

Cowgirl boots are made to make a statement. Although you may want to stay away from too-obvious statements like overalls, you can still have some fun with your cowgirl boots. Instead, pair them with an animal print outfit. They go great with an animal print pants suit, skirt, or leggings. Go for some shorter boots that will give you a little definition and style. Your boots should match one of the colors in the print for more coordination. For example, if you are wearing leopard print, pair them with a pair of solid black boots. You want to have some fun, but you also want your outfit to match and flow well.

2. Go for Professional Pieces

Cowgirl boots can look great with more polished pieces, such as a solid color pants suit that you wear to the office. With a solid colored outfit, you can also have a little more fun with your boots, and rock some boots with a print on them.

Boots can also accompany two-toned professional pieces, such as a blouse and a solid colored skirt. With two-toned professional pieces, you can keep the sleek look by going with a pair of solid colored boots, or you can go for a more fun print option. Or you can go for a black pair of boots that have a crocodile-like effect, adding a subtle print to a classic black cowgirl boot.

3. Go for a Simple Look

Finally, cowgirl boots can look great with a simple outfit. A pair of jeans and a solid colored shirt or blouse can be really set-off with a pair of boots. If you are wearing more capri-length pants, you can pair them with some ankle-high boots for a chic look. Or you can tuck your pants into your boots and go for some classic high boots that hit right under your knee.

Cowgirl boots are not just for costumes. They are a great fashion accessory that can go with a simple, professional outfit or with a classic jeans and t-shirt ensemble or some fun animal print. If your boots have a simple pattern, have a little more fun on top. If your boots have a more complex pattern, go for a simpler-looking outfit.

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