Pros And Cons Of Choosing A Visor To Complete Your Golfing Ensemble

When you're choosing the apparel that you'll wear for golfing, don't forget to give some thought to headwear. Although some men enjoy golfing without any type of hat, many prefer something on their head. A look at the men on the PGA tour is enough to remind you that headwear is important for most golfers. While a conventional cap might be your first choice, visors are also popular in the golfing community. Many leading men's golf apparel companies sell visors, so you shouldn't have trouble finding a visor with your preferred brand's logo. Here are some pros and cons of wearing a visor while you golf.

Pro: Protection Against The Sun

If you were to play a round of golf without any type of headwear, you'd likely experience considerable interference from the sun. Looking into the sun when you're taking your shot isn't just annoying because you have to squint. It can also affect your ability to track the ball when it's in the air. A visor allows you to protect your eyes against the sun, making it far more favorable than not wearing anything.

Con: Your Head Is Exposed

While there are some men who prefer visors over caps, one of the issues you should be mindful of when you wear a visor is that your head is exposed. This is especially a concern during hot, sunny days. It's easy to get a serious burn on your scalp when you wear a visor for a round of golf, especially if your hair is cut short or thinning.

Pro: Won't Interfere With Your Hair

There are men who prefer visors for golf because it won't interfere with how they've styled their hair. This is especially applicable for men who play golf during the workday. For example, if you're entertaining a client on the golf course, but will be going back to the office afterward, you won't want to wear a hat that will flatten your hair down. It's easy to slide a visor in place without messing up your hair.

Con: Some Men Don't Like The Style

Virtually all men can agree that a cap is an acceptable form of headwear, but things are a little iffier when it comes to visors. There are some men who appreciate the benefits of this headwear choice, and others who feel that visors look a little silly. If you're in the latter group, you may have to wear a visor around the house before going out in public in an attempt to convince yourself that you look fine in it.