Are You Christmas Shopping For Your Husband Who Loves The Outdoors?

While your favorite vacation might be something like visiting historic homes in places like Savannah, Georgia or New Orleans, Louisiana, your husband might choose camping in the outdoors. While you might have things like sweaters and earrings on your Christmas list, you probably don't even need to see your husband's list to know what he would like to receive on Christmas Eve or on Christmas morning. It's outdoor gear, right? From selecting items at an army surplus store to planning a camping trip for the two of you, here are some ideas that might help you to give your husband a Christmas present he'll love.

Head To A Military Surplus Store - Of course, you could go shopping at a big store that sells expensive items, and your husband might love everything you select for him there. However, he might be even more impressed, and probably a lot happier, when he finds out that you shopped for him at a military surplus store. Have you ever been in a military surplus store before? If so, you probably didn't even consider going to the fancier store because you already knew that you'd find everything on your list at the military surplus store.

If you haven't been inside that type of store before, you will probably be very surprised to find a large variety of items that your husband will love. For example, if you are looking for stocking stuffers, consider buying things like a small or medium-sized flashlight and goodies like granola bars at the military surplus store. For your husband's big gift consider something like a brand-new tent or an extra-nice ice chest. You'll probably find both at the military surplus store.

The Frosting-On-The-Cake Gift - Sweeten your husband's Christmas gift by giving him a card that promises you'll go on a camping trip, just the two of you. Of course, it's fun to have the entire family, and maybe friends along, too. However, can you imagine how pleased your husband will be that you want to be with him in his beloved outdoors?

Consider selecting campgrounds he has not visited before or choose his favorite stomping grounds so that you can return to a place you know he loves already. It might be fun to select matching camouflage T-shirts at the military surplus store. Wrap both shirts together so that he will get a clue of what you have planned when he opens the gift.