Receive Stylish Clothing By Purchasing A Subscription Box

If you aren't aware of the newest trends and often find yourself flouncing around from store-to-store when it comes time to shop for new items to add to your wardrobe, you may begin to hate each shopping experience or tend to settle for items that you aren't exactly thrilled with. Signing up for a curated clothing subscription box can put an end to your dilemma. 

Answer Questions To Help A Stylist Pick Pieces

A curated womens clothing subscription box consists of clothing pieces that are hand-picked by a stylist. When you first sign up as a member of a subscription service, you will need to answer questions about the clothing type that you are interested in. If you are in need of business attire, as well as casual pieces, a stylist will incorporate both styles into the personalized box that is shipped to you.

You will be asked what your measurements are and if there are any particular fabrics or patterns that you prefer over others. Based on your information, a stylist will begin compiling items for your shipment. 

Choose Subscription-Only Or Trial Clothing

Be aware of what type of clothing company you are dealing with. If you are mainly looking to expand your wardrobe without going through long lengths to try on different pieces of clothing and exchange them for others, then a subscription-only box will be your best bet. When a shipment arrives, you will need to make a payment for the clothing pieces, regardless of what you receive.

If you are a little bit skeptical about trying out a service that involves having a stylist shop for you, a trial subscription clothing box might be a better option. With this type of box, you will be provided with a specific amount of time that you can decide if you would like to keep any of the clothing. You can keep as little or as much of the items as you would like.

If there are any pieces that you are not happy with, simply fold them up and pack them inside of the box that they were sent in. A return label that was included with your shipment should be secured to the outside of the box before mailing the box back to the clothing subscription service.

You will only be billed for the items you decided to keep. With either type of clothing subscription box, you have the option to control how often you receive boxes and when you would like to cancel the service.