Why So Many Articles Of Women’s Clothing Seem To Lack Pockets

You must have noticed that pockets on womens clothing are something of a rarity. While many women have clamored for pockets on their clothing, it seems many manufacturers have only just started to listen. Here's a look at why a lot of women's garments lack pockets.

Where are All the Pockets?

You may come across many reasons, or excuses, for the overall lack of pockets on women's garments. You may wonder what's the reason for those odd decorative pockets that serve no function. You may even want to know why, when there are pockets, they're extremely small and inadequate. Well, there's no clear answer. Here are some of the reasons that come up most often:

  • Pockets near female hips will bulge if something's in them, and ruin the look
  • Retailers want you to buy bags and purses instead
  • Pocket lines can ruin the look of an item
  • Women don't want pockets
  • It costs more to make garments with pockets

No matter what you heard, the fact remains, there's just not many pockets out there on women's clothing. In fact, whole essays, reports, and history books are out there on the subject.

It Wasn't Always This Way

Fashion trends change all the time. While it's easy to think women's clothing traditionally went without pockets, that's not exactly true. Around the early 1900s, pockets were all the rage on women's garments. Of course, that may have had something to do with the women's suffrage movement.

Enter the Smartphone

Things are quickly changing, and you have the smartphone to thank for that to some extent. Women want to grab their phones and go. They don't want to have to hold it in their hands, or leave it inside of a larger bag. They don't want to wear jeans with fake pockets when they actually would like a place to put their phone. This is especially true as people have phone cases that double as a wallet.

There's More Options than You Think

If you can't find what you want in a design that comes with pockets, you can add your own. You can also hire someone to sew in pockets for you without it costing much. However, you may not have to go far out of your way for pockets anymore. There's now a ton of options out there for you when it comes to women's clothes with pockets. You can even find bridal attire that contains a pocket or two.

Many manufacturers, especially smaller designers, have picked up the slack and started producing clothing modern women want. Some designers even pride themselves on their pocketed garments. The days of impractical women's clothing are over. If you want pockets, you can have them.