Five Summer Wedding Tips For The Groom

When it comes to styling the groom for the big day, it's often an overlooked topic since the main focus is the bride. However, when the groom is looking good, the bride is looking even better, so it's definitely important to take some serious consideration when it comes to the style of the groom. A good style for the groom is going to vary depending on the season. Here are five summer wedding styling tips for the groom to consider:

  1. Unlined Jacket: When it comes to the jacket, it's best to choose one that is unlined. Not only does this look nice and casual even unbuttoned, but it also keep the groom nice and cool in the summer heat. 
  2. Silk, Custom Length Tie: A silk tie is great because it dresses up the unlined jacket a bit more, but doesn't create an extra heat. A silk tie will even look good slightly loose so that the groom is not having to cover their neck completely. The reason you want it to have custom length ties is because the jacket is most likely going to be unbuttoned and even taken off at some point. It will look a bit funny if the tie is too short on the body.
  3. No Black: It's important to consider another color other than black for the groom. Black creates heat, so even if you are taking other styling tips for coolness into consideration, it may not be enough if everything is still black. A light colored tux is definitely a better option and becoming more instill anyway for summer weddings, especially paired with khaki pants. 
  4. No Socks: Loafers are all the rage for grooms. Not only do they look nice, but they are still casual and the groom can skip on the necessity for long socks, which is definitely ideal for a summer wedding. Loafers can simply be worn with liners instead, which is going to help keep the feet nice and cool, as well. 
  5. Don't Forget the Pocket Square: Pocket squares are not an unnecessary item, especially for a summer wedding. These can be used to wipe sweat and to brush the tears away, if there are any. Just be sure that there are back ups so that a new one can be replaced for the used one throughout the wedding to keep it looking nice paired with the tux. 

Considering these five summer tips for the groom's style will ensure that the groom is comfortable and still looking his best paired with the bride.