How To Put Together An Eye-Catching Outfit

Putting together an eye-catching outfit is within anyone's reach. Whether you rock a thrift store or buy women's boutique tops online, you'll find yourself plenty of clothing options that will help you put together a truly impressive outfit.

The first step to putting together an excellent outfit is to organize your clothing appropriately. The goal isn't to simply put together a single outfit, but to be capable of putting together an outstanding outfit regularly. There are a few different methods of organization that you may wish to explore.

One method calls for organizing your clothes by color. This will allow you to quickly put together different themes and moods. However, the main drawback to this method is that it's extremely time-consuming to maintain your clothing rainbow. Another method calls for organizing your wardrobe by style, putting minimalist clothes with minimalist clothes, summer dresses with summer dresses, and so on. A third method, called the entropy method, calls for not organizing your clothes at all. Instead, you hang your clothing anywhere and let chaos guide your outfit decisions.

Let's talk about the items you have in your wardrobe. A good rule of thumb is to have a selection of women's tops so that you have plenty of options to work with. Buy tops that are versatile and relatively trend-proof. Look for neutral colors in tops, like black, white, navy blue and ivory. Invest in casual tops, like t-shirts and camisoles, to give your wardrobe plenty of versatility.

Now it's time to put together the actual outfit. Your clothing is already organized splendidly, so all you have to do is pick the articles of clothing that go together. A good rule of thumb for putting together an outfit is to start with the shoes, then build your outfit around the shoes. For example, you may be feeling particularly drawn to those white Adidas. Pair them with a nice pair of light blue jeans, then select your favorite top.

Since you're basing your outfit on shoes, you should have a wide selection of them! Get flat shoes you can wear with jeans, dresses and skirts. Have boots, especially if you live in a colder climate. Definitely have some comfortable, casual sneakers.  

Once you've put together the essential items, it's time to accessorize. Select a necklace the compliments your top, either by the colors within it or the material that it's made of. You should have a healthy selection of handbags, belts and scarves to allow you to put together customized outfits for any occasion.