Tips For Choosing The Right Color For Your Prescription Glasses

Purchasing a new pair of glasses is a huge deal for many people because they are choosing something that is going to be one of the first things that people see when they look at them. You want to be certain that you are able to get the best pair of glasses possible so that you can make a good first impression and feel confident. You might have the perfect shape picked out, but you might not be sure about colour. Here are some tips for choosing a flattering colour for your new pair of glasses. 

1. Think About Your Colour Undertone

You want your eyeglasses to have the same colour undertone as your skin. If you have very light skin, then you have a cool colour undertone and should stick to frames that have a blue or a black undertone. If you have olive skin, you should also try to be sure that you get glasses that have the same cool colour undertone as your skin. If you are of Asian or Hispanic descent, your colour undertone is going to be warmer and you should therefore go for eyeglasses that have a yellow or peach undertone. If you have dark skin, you have a cool colour undertone.

2. If You Love the Colour Skin, Go With Red Glasses

If you love the colour of your skin and want to highlight it as much as possible, go with red glasses. No one truly has red skin, for the most part, and red is instead used by eyeglasses manufacturers to help draw attention to the face and bring out the colour of the skin as much as possible. Choose a flattering shade of red, however. If you have light skin, go with glasses that have frames that are a lighter red. If you have darker skin, go with glasses that have a darker shade of red as their primary colour base.

3. Consider Metal Frames

Even if you have chosen metal frames, you still need to do some colour matching. If you have a warmer skin tone, you can definitely wear gold and bronze frames and have it look attractive. If you have cooler colour undertones, you will look best in platinum and silver frames because the undertones match.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in eyewear. They will be able to offer you honest opinions about frames you try on because they want you to leave looking great and willing to tell other people where you got your amazing glasses.