Five Items To Help You Avoid Holes In Your Socks

Tired of holes ruining your new socks? Sick of spending money on socks just to replace them within weeks or months? Luckily, there are things that can help you avoid dreaded sock holes. Here are five items that can help you:

1. Nail clippers

Long nails can easily rip holes into many types of socks. Keep them in a spot such as the drawer of your bedside table so that you can find and use them easily on a regular basis.

2. Moisturisers

Surprisingly, even rough skin can agitate holes into your socks. If you have rough skin or calluses, invest in a quality foot moisturiser. If your feet are really rough, treat yourself to a pedicure -- most salons work on smoothing the rough skin on your feet in addition to painting and trimming your toenails.

3. Slippers

If you ever go outside in your socks, you need a pair of slippers or slip-on shoes to protect your socks from holes. For example, if you go into the garage to grab something, onto your deck to water your plants or to any other outside areas, the ground surface in those areas can cause holes in your socks.

However, if you keep a pair of slippers or slip-on shoes right next to the door, you won't face this issue. Slippers can also protect your socks against rough wood floors that have nails sticking out of them or other potential indoor threats.

4. Foot Measuring Device

If you are wearing socks that are the wrong size, they may become really baggy on your feet. As a result, the may partially slip off your foot as you wear them, and you may tread on them in awkward places. That can increase the chance of holes.

To avoid this issue, find a foot measuring device and measure your feet to ensure you are buying the right size of socks. You can use the classic metal foot measuring devices found in many shoe stores, or you can search for a foot measuring chart online, print it out, measure your feet at home, and order perfectly fitting socks online.

5. Closed laundry basket

If you have pets, they may be chewing holes in your socks. For many cats and dogs, the stinky allure of an old sock is too tempting to resist. To protect yourself from this risk, you need a laundry basket that has a lid. That way, you can drop your worn socks in there, and your pets can't get them.